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6 am at it’s finest

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I work in a call centre at the moment and it can be quite testing on ones mental state. However there’s nothing that quite perks your mood up than chatting to some guy who’s phoning on behalf of his son to cancel down his sons porn subscription. I don’t know who wanted to die more, the dad or myself
‘Can you cancel em… yanno.. the lady channel’
‘Televisin X Lesbian sir? :))))’


hey guys just reminding you all of how pretty i am just in case you forgot or haven’t thought about it today

\o/ i got crap news and I didn’t have a sob even though I feel really really naff \o/

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This Southwest Airlines flight attendant is kind of perfect.

shout out to aideen for going on her laptop and finding me links to films that I want to watch because humpback whales are more competent at using a laptop and searching for things than I am :)))